Cascade Mountaineers | Tumalo Mountain Ski / Climb
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Tumalo Mountain Ski / Climb

Tumalo Mountain Ski / Climb


Who: CM and prospective members

When: New Date TBD

Where: Dutchman Flat Snow Parking Lot

Meet Time: New Time TBD

This outing will start with a leisurely Backcountry Ski/snowshoe  (Cross country skis not recommended) up Tumalo Mountain 7,775’. On the summit Bill Strycharz will instruct a snow anchor class. This will include the use of ice axes, pickets, deadmen, snow flukes and snow bollards. Ropes will then be deployed down the steep north side of Tumalo Mountain using our anchors. Participants will be instructed how to “hasty” rappel down one of the ropes and practice “ascending a fixed rope up” the other rope. These techniques are frequently used on big mountains all over the world.

Lunch to follow, bring your own. Finish with a safe ski/snowshoe down Tumalo Mountain.

Equipment Needed: Winter clothing, ski/snowshoes, trekking poles w/baskets, ice axe, harness, 1 locking biner, 2 non locking biners, 1 rope 6-7mm 10’ long, hot drink in thermos.

Equipment Provided: Ascenders, Tiblocs, Flukes, Pickets, Ropes, Snow Shovel

Contact: Bill Strycharz, Email: wavesport_x@yahoo.comCell: 541-771-9159

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