Cascade Mountaineers | South Sister, Prouty Glacier Route July 12-13
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South Sister, Prouty Glacier Route July 12-13

South Sister, Prouty Glacier Route July 12-13

Team Leader: Frank Florence

Outing Description:  This will be an overnight trip to the summit of South Sister via its largest glacier.  It is a moderate climb in terms of technical difficulty, but will require appropriate skills and gear for glacier travel.

Meet: SE corner of the Mt. Bachelor Park-and-Ride, Columbia St., Bend, 9 AM, Sat. morning.

Saturday The group will proceed to Green Lakes trailhead and hike to a camp in the Green Lakes area.  Camping will be at about the 6,600 foot level.  It is likely we will be walking across snow on parts of the trail.

Sunday:  Warm temperatures and soft snow conditions will require that we begin early.  The route proceeds NE out of the Green Lakes basin and ascends to the foot of the Prouty Glacier.  We’ll climb the glacier to its top, cross the bergschrund, then proceed through a rocky section to the summit ridge.  Elevation gain from camp to summit is 3,750’.  Ascent time estimate: 6-8 hours.

Prerequisite Skills: All participants must be familiar with safe travel on snow, including use of crampons and ice axe.  This route ascends an active glacier, therefore basic skills for glacier travel are required.  A bomb-proof self-arrest is essential.

Permits:  A National Forest parking permit is required for each vehicle left at the trail head.

Number of CM Participants:  6 maximum.  Current membership with the Cascade Mountaineers required.

Equipment:  Backpacking gear for one night (pack, tent, sleeping bag and pad, stove and kitchen items, one dinner, one breakfast.) Summit pack, appropriate clothing, headlamp with fresh batteries, sunglasses or goggles, trail food and snacks, ten essentials. 2-3 liters of water.  Harness, helmet, 1 ice axe, mountaineering boots, pre-fitted crampons, 2 locking carabiners, 2 prusik loops (one waist loop, one leg loop), belay/rappel device.  Trekking poles are a nice option for the hike in to camp.

Group climbing gear will be provided, including rope and snow anchors.  Party members can arrange to share stoves and tents.

Contact Frank if interested:

(315) 788-0544(cell) or



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