Cascade Mountaineers | Mt. Bachelor Ski or Snowshoe
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Mt. Bachelor Ski or Snowshoe

Mt. Bachelor Ski or Snowshoe

Outing Coordinator: Rod Jacobson
Date: Saturday, January 26th, 2013
Start: Sunrise Lodge, Mt. Bachelor (East side by the yurt)
Elevation Gain: Up to 3000’
Distance: ~2 miles up & back
Time: 9:30am (9am at park & ride to car pool)

Directions to Start: If you’d like to Carpool, meet at the Mt Bachelor Park & Ride on the east side of Columbia, ~1 block north of Simpson in Bend. Otherwise meet outside Sunrise Lodge on the SE side. Sunrise Lodge (not West Village) is the first left turn once you get up to Mt. Bachelor.

Outing Description: Skin or snowshoe up & ski, snowboard or snowshoe down. Only 25 minutes from Bend. Provides a great getaway opportunity to get a quick workout and build up your back country winter activity skills. The climb generally takes 2 hours up and about 45 minutes down (less if you are on skis or a snowboard). On a clear day there are excellent views of the Three Sisters, Broken Top, and Tumalo Mtn.

Equipment & Clothing Needs: The 10 essentials. Be prepared for: snow, rain, hail, wind and/or sun. Skis, skins, boots, snowshoes, poles, goggles, gloves, gaiters, etc. Layering clothes is the key to staying comfortable. You’ll want to have enough clothes to stay warm while waiting around and resting, but you’ll also want to have light clothes to stay cool on the climb—polypro tops and bottoms with shorts work great. A waterproof shell and pants are a must to stay warm in “moderate” winds (Bachelorese for hurricane force). Bring crampons & an ice axe if you would like to practice with them. Bring at least two liters of Gatorade (or equiv.) and some food.

Skills, Experience & Fitness Level Needed: The climb is not technical. The ski from the summit to the top of rainbow chair requires solid intermediate skiing ability. From Rainbow chair down is easy intermediate to beginner in difficulty. If you are uncertain of your skiing ability, you should stop at Rainbow chair on your first time up.

Maximum Participants & RSVP Requirements: No limit.

Contact info: Rod Jacobson at 541-408-3500 or

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