Cascade Mountaineers | Mt. Adams Climb
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Mt. Adams Climb

Mt. Adams Climb

Cascades Mountaineers Club Outing (membership required)

Mt. Adams – Washington

Date: Friday June 21- Sunday June 23

Outing Description and Route: This will be a 3 day outing. Mazama Glacier (South East side) to Pikers Peak (false summit) then join southside route to summit 12,276’. The Mazama Glacier is rated at Grade II. This climb is for intermediate climbers and roped glacier travel is necessary..

Climbing Skills Required: Safety is paramount and all climbers must be prepared for the unexpected situation and weather. Please have the appropriate knowledge, experience, gear and stamina to climb. Roped glacier travel, crevasse rescue, glissading experience is highly suggested. Participants will review crevasse rescue, self arrest, prusik ascent, and glissading techniques prior to the outing.

Physical Requirements: All participants must be in excellent physical condition. This route is 15 miles from trailhead to summit and back with 6,800’ elevation gain. The Mazama Glacier route is very demanding physically. Climbers not able to keep pace with the group may be turned back at the leader’s discretion.

Equipment: Overnight backpacking equipment. Crampons, boots, ice axe, harness, helmet, 2 locking carabineers (pearabiners preferred), 2 non locking caribeaners, 1 picket, helmet, 2 prusik ropes. Cold weather clothing. GPS if you have one. 20$ for camping permit on Yakama Indian Reservation. Gas money for your carpool driver!

Day# 1 – Friday Driving and hike to Sunrise Camp 8,300’

6:30 am Meet at Mcdonalds on 3rd street in Bend
7:00 am Start driving to Trout lake Washington
10:30 am Stop at Trout Lake Ranger station. Get directions to Bird Creek Meadows Trailhead 5,700’
11:30 am Arrive at Bird Creek Meadows Trailhead. Lunch.
3:00 pm Hike 3.5 miles and +2,600’ to Sunrise Camp. Dinner and camping.

Day#2- Saturday Climb Mazama Glacier, Summit and return to Sunrise Camp.
3:30 am Wake up
4:30 am Begin Mazama Glacier travel
10:30 am Reach Piker’s Peak 11,657’ (false summit)
11:30 am Summit 12,276’
12:00 am Begin Descent to Sunrise Camp
3:00 pm Arrive at Sunrise Camp. Camp overnight.

Day#3- Sunday
7:00 am Hike out 3.5 miles -2,600’
9:00 am Arrive at trailhead and drive 3.5 hrs home!

Maximum # of Participants- 10, I would prefer to have no more than 2 rope teams of 4-5 ea. A fast team and a slow team.

Contact the team leader Bill Strycharz 541-771-9159 ( or Marcus Muffley at 541.633.3000 ( to reserve your spot or if you have any questions.

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