Cascade Mountaineers | 7.10 CM Crevasse Rescue Course and July Monthly Meeting
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7.10 CM Crevasse Rescue Course and July Monthly Meeting

7.10 CM Crevasse Rescue Course and July Monthly Meeting

Cascades Mountaineers Club Outing (membership required for outing participants)


Instructor Bill Strycharz

Objectives: Learn to ascend a rope using a Prusik Ascent System to simulate a crevasse fall self-rescue situation. This type of training and experience will not just be crucial, but most likely required to attend some of our larger climbs such as Mt. Shasta and Mt. Rainier coming up this summer/fall.

Skills Overview: Learn the Prusik knot (middle of rope prusik), figure 8 knot, overhand knot with a bite, double figure 8 knot.

Goal: Ascend the 15’ high ledge, dramatic opening of Skeleton Cave using a Prusik Ascent System.

Equipment needed: helmet, harness, gloves, 1 locking carabiner, 1 non-locking carabiner, hiking boots, water (if you need to borrow any gear, please notify the instructor in advance, we have extra gear). If you would like to explore the caves remember to bring your flashlights!!

BONUS!!! Tailgate BBQ @ Bills truck in the parking lot about 8:00pm. Hot dogs/burgers, beer/ soda, & ramen noodles for vegans!

Bring your family and friends! Well behaved kids and dogs are welcome. Even if you are not interested in learning crevasse self rescue, you can enjoy an evening exploring the caves which are truly impressive or just hang out to watch the outing. Remember to bring your flashlights if you do want to explore the cave!!

When: 6pm until late on July 10th

Where: Skeleton Cave; 43° 57′ 0.96″ N, 121° 10′ 38.28″ W

Directions: 27th st south. East on China Hat road (Forest road 18). Approx 10 miles east take Forest road 1819 east (left) 1.5 miles to Skeleton Cave Parking lot. Forest Road 1819 will be marked for the club meeting with a [CM] sign..

TO RESERVE YOUR SPOT: email us at:

If you have any questions please Text/Email/ Call the team leader Bill Strycharz 541-771-9159 ( or Marcus Muffley at 541.633.3000 (

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